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  • Welcome

    New Deputies are hired all the time but this last batch really does take the cake. A Grippli who is specializing in getting his target, a Tiefling with a knack for magic and fighting, an Aasimar oracle with a good grip on life, a drow bard, a human …

  • Welcome to Falcon's Hollow

    Welcome to Falcon's Hollow, a lovely.. no it's a hellhole but you call it home. And your home, hellhole or not, is under attack. A vile affliction has come to your little village and three people are dead already, and no one has a cure. The Sheriff has …

  • Main Page

    . Welcome to the wiki! This is the wiki Main Page. Your journey begins here. h3. Creating a new page To create a new page, just make a name and surround it with double square brackets like so: [[A New Page]]. When you save the page, the link …

  • [[Three Families]]

    The [[Three Families]] are the three families that founded or were present at the founding of [[Falcon's Hollow]]. There were originally [[Five Families]], but the other two were not there and no information exists on who they were. It is believed that …

  • [[Lumber Consortium]]

    A group of businessmen who have control of all lumber processed in [Andoran]. They are believed to be a subsidiary of the [Aspis Consortium]

  • [[Notable NPC's]]

    [[Thuldrin Kreed]] [[Daldrin Baleson]] [[Laurel]] [[Three Families]] [[Falcon's Hollow]] [[Five Families]]

  • Thuldrin Kreed

    [[Thuldrin Kreed]] is the [[Gavel]] of the [[Lumber Consortium]] in [[Falcon's Hollow]]. One son [[Jurin Kreed]]

  • Falcon's Hollow

    Town in northwestern [[Andoran]] main supplier of [[Darkwood]] and other woods to [[Andoran]]. It is the oldest surviving lumber town and is in the control of the [[Lumber Consortium]]. The towns workers are lead by [[Thuldrin Kreed]], known as the [[ …

  • Andoran

    A country that is governed by Democratic principles. It takes a very dim view of slavery and is believed to operate pirates that prey specifically upon slavers and ships of countries that might be transporting slaves.

  • Aspis Consortium

    Based in the [[Chelaxian Empire]], this group of shadowy businesses operate in several realms and while seemingly lawful are likely involved in numerous schemes of smuggling, extortion and influence peddling. With unrest brewing in the empire, the Aspis …

  • Dergam's Folly

    Dergam's Folly is an old fort built a couple of centuries ago as a border keep but has been mostly abandoned for the fifty years. About five years ago a small detachment of guards was sent there to hold it and begin repairs in case it was ever needed. …

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